Is it recommended to play online lottery?

Is it recommended to play online lottery?

I have been trying to play all lottery for last 9 months without success, it is totally frustrating and I can’t have confidence in it. No where I found lottery with positive reviews or first time winners stories. And no one have advice loto188 how to play it for a first time. Just in my attempt to find some hope I started to search internet. I found lot of sites recommending people to play online lottery and I was wondering is it recommended?

My research

Lottery sites reviews

There are numerous review sites for lotteries. I tried to find how others think about playing online lottery and I found different opinions. Some sites have really positive and convincing reviews, others have much more negative ones.


There are some sites that makes a special claim about playing online lottery and on some of those sites you can find reviews of some sites. Most of them don’t have positive reviews about playing online lottery.

For example this site that is created for “Win the lottery online” claims that it is the only site in the world which shows all online lottery sites and gives you their information and price. I was not sure if that site has positive reviews for all online lottery sites, because I have found many negative reviews of that site.

Lottery sites requirements

Then I went to other sites which have more positive and solid reviews for online lotteries. I found the biggest problem on these loto188 sites is that they seem that require a lot of my personal information, financial data and taxes etc.

I was not sure if I am getting a scam or not, I did my research and found The number one thing are crypto currencies, e-wallets and proving your social status or intentions to them. Those 3 points are pretty important, so I thought they must be captured in some way.